Hunter (Sales Manager Adhesives, NL)

Visor clear, check! Target in sight, check! Team ready, check!  What are you waiting for? Aim for your goal, or is it may be better to wait? A hunter allows no distractions. Stress is not in your vocabulary and you view it as a game. Patience can offer success or be fatal for your team. Do I play my target from afar or do I wait for that ultimate moment to pounce? Do not forget there is a team ready to help you get close to your target. Let’s go hunter, I want you to make a choice …5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

After finishing your education and with your experience you know what is necessary to reach your prospect, to assist and to change the relationship to a long-term partner. Orders or sales are not the main goal, it is part of success. The goal is success for everybody. Be it the supplier, transporter or customer.

Are we looking for you?

At De Monchy, we fight to produce tomorrow’s products. An organized company where the employees are the pillars for future success. Energy, dedication and creativity enhance innovationexpertise and connection. De Monchy is a unique company with a powerful and desirable feel. We can all make money. But at De Monchy, each employee works for the others success and as such contributes to tomorrows products.

As Sales Manager, you will be responsible for the sales of the Business Unit Adhesives. Experience, trends and opportunities are shared with the Business Unit Manager to create the right proposition. Customer Excellence and quality are of great importance. You will be responsible for your own sales and budget. Through personal and business unit targets, you will not shy away from cross selling. As sales manager, you will be in regular contact with both customer and supplier.

Before we forget, this is where we would like to start:

  • Completed HBO study, with commercial focus
  • Around 5 years’ experience within the distribution of chemical raw materials
  • Hands-on mentality
  • High level of independence
  • Customer Excellence / Service (can exceed customer expectation)
  • Able to translate customer need to opportunity
  • Positive teamspirit

Are you the right material and do you want to go on an adventure with us?

De Monchy International BV

For the attention of Dhr Dominique van den Berge
Rivium 1e Straat 109
2909 LE Capelle aan den IJssel
Tel.: +31 646065274 / +31 10 4130320

Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated