Polykemi AB has appointed De Monchy International B.V. as their partner for the Benelux

Geschreven door Paul Hendriks op 2 februari 2017Leestijd: 2 minuten

Privately owned Swedish company Polykemi AB is well known as a global supplier of custom-designed thermoplastic compounds offering world class compounds by working closely together with customers guided by their principles: reliability, excellence, superior problem-solving skills and long-term relationships.

’De Monchy International is very pleased with this strategic expansion of its portfolio. This represents an important step to strengthen our position in the Benelux as a innovative market consultant and distributor. It will also allow us to not only fulfill our customers needs as you have come to expect of us, but also anticipate future requirements and further strengthen our customers preferred position in the market.’’, says Paul Hendriks, Product Manager Thermoplastics at De Monchy International B.V.

‘’Even if Polykemi has been present on the Benelux market for many years and have quite an extensive experience, now joining forces with De Monchy International B.V. give us new possibilities to further make the Polykemi name, our products and abilities more known on the Benelux market. Together we will be able to offer a more competitive concept & stronger solutions compared to before.” States Mr Mattias Persson – Sales manager Polykemi

Polykemi`s extensive product portfolio covers most thermoplastics except PVC, for the Benelux market there will be a special focus on:

POLYfill - PP based high tech compounds.

Blends - PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA, PBT/ASA, PA/ABS –and more!

REPRO & REZYcom – High quality recycle base materials Whenever there is a need for high-tech compounds such as special properties, high colour accuracy, personal service and problem solving - Polykemi in combination with De Monchy is your choice!

About De Monchy International B.V.

De Monchy International is your innovative and creative market consultant and distributor. We are the link between leading product manufacturers and industrial processors. Our calling card? Quality: we supply high-quality products and we provide both our customers and our suppliers with valuable information about the market. We focus on five carefully selected segments:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Waxes
  • Food ingredients

Through our vision WE CREATE THE FUTURE TOGETHER we try to make a difference every day.

About Polykemi AB

Ever since the establishment in 1968, the company’s mission has been the same: to strive to produce the best custom-designed plastic compounds in the world.

From the start, Scandinavia was our main market and although it continues to be important, we are now active in most European countries, and all over the world.

We have no aspirations to become one of the largest multinational plastic compound manufacturers in the world. Instead, we remain one step ahead by relying on our strength – offering a customized product line with such unique, creative solutions that no one is able to compete with us on equal terms. We accomplish this through our documented expertise in color matching, multiple reinforcements and fibers a wide variety of base polymers. Our strategy is to work closely with our customers, guided by our principles: reliability, excellence, superior problem-solving and long-term customer relationships.

Polykemi is an innovative knowledge company that meets the market’s demands for world-class end products. Just ask our customers around the globe.

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