About SO.G.I.S.

SO.G.I.S. Industria Chimica S.p.A.  a family owned company located North of Parma in Italy produces a range of oleo chemicals starting from tallow (animal) palm oil (vegetable origin) and oleic acid (animal & vegetable origin). On top of that, SO.G.I.S. is a very active Chemical Company in looking for renewable raw materials able to endorse new local value chains, fostering local area development.

Among their products are glycerol, alcohols, hydrogenated fatty acids, esters, metal soaps and amides. 

SO.G.I.S. products are applied in many different industries, such as plastic, ink, coatings, adhesives, lubricant, building industry, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, animal feeding, biodegradable lubricants, surfactants, drilling, paper industry, leather goods, paints, inks and many others. De Monchy International is a proud partner of SO.G.I.S. in the Benelux and is happy to offer you their products along with expert advice and outstanding service.

Products by SO.G.I.S.

Esters for lubricant oils

Esters for lubricant oils derived mainly from Fatty Acids. Lubricants obtained from these raw materials are highly biodegradable and mostly coming from renewable sources. The wide range of industrial chemical products SOGIS is producing, including also tailor made solutions, satisfies customers needs in a number of application fields, such as internal/external lubricant for plastic materials, leather industry, synthetic and natural fibers drawing, biodegradable and fire resistant hydraulic oils, metalworking, but also cosmetics and many others.

Among their range of products including;
2-Ethyl Hexyl Laurate (2EEL)/ Oleate (2EEO)/ Palmitate (2EEP) / Stearate(2EES) / Tallowate (2EET). Isotridecylstearate (ITDS), Trimethylolpropane Triolate (TMP),  Pentaaerythrol Tetraoleate (TPO) used mainly in industrial lubricants, mould release agents for metal casting, textiles, leather industry and cosmetics.
Pentaerythritol tetrastearate or simply PETS, are a class of polymer additives with a strong release effect for polycarbonate, ABS polymers, but also in PET, PA and other plastics.  These release agents have extremely low volatility, a minimum influence on the transparency of the finished article and excellent thermostability.

All these products match Ecolabel requests (2018/1702/EC Decision and following updates).
Fatty Acid amides
Amide wax/EBS (Ethylene-Bis-Steramide) as derivate obtained from Fatty Acids from renewable sources. EBS wax have excellent slip and lubricant properties, good block resistance, release properties and dispersing and pigment wetting.  EBS wax are therefore used for a number of markets such as coating & ink applications, plastics, bitumen and many others.  

Stearamide MEA (MEAST) is used as slip/lubricant in wood plastic composites and rheology modifiers for sealants. Stearamide MEA is primarily used to increase the thickness of formulas and increasing and stabilize foaming capabilities.

Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids

Fatty acids  are  mostly coming from renewable sources from animal or vegetable raw materials.
These products have a wide application window such as industrial lubricants, mould release, inks and coatings, plastic materials, rubber, paper, candle, synthetic and natural fibers, detergent but also in pharma and animal feeding.

Glycerides derived from renewable sources, animal or vegetable grade
Mono, di and triglycerides such as such as GMO, GMS, GMO and GDO starting from animal grade or vegetable grade renewable sources, suitable for a number of applications, such as polyolefins, thermosetting resins, rubber, detergents, textile industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feeding.

Natural Glycerin

Natural Glycerol from renewable sources, Pharma grade, highly pure, at a concentration higher than 99,5 %. Natural Glycerol is suitable for every technical industry sector and even in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feeding and food contact applications.

Metal soaps and stearates

Salts of Fatty Acids: Stearates, Laurates, Hydroxistearates of metals such as Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium. Starting Fatty Acids derives from renewable sources, animal fats or vegetable oils.
SO.G.I.S. works in compliance with Ph Eur Specifications, offering solutions suitable for a number of industry sectors, such as cosmetic industries, pharmaceuticals and animal feeding.  All Fatty Acids salts are suitable for use in food contact, thanks to the use of selected raw materials and production processes according to applicable sector Norms.
Other applications are; polymers (mainly polyolefins, stabilizing for PVC, polyamides, PBT, PET), thermosetting resins, building industry, rubber, paints, glues, and many others.

De Monchy & SO.G.I.S.

De Monchy International is a proud partner and is well-informed of SO.G.I.S.-products, their associated characteristics and means of application. Find out which SO.G.I.S.-product benefits your business by asking our team of experts.

Find out which SO.G.I.S.-products suits your needs

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