About Luresa

Luresa Resinas produces adhesives based on the distillation of crude gum to obtain rosin and turpentine. Based in Spain, their resins serve many different purposes. At De Monchy International, we are happy to inform you on all possibilities concerning Luresa’s adhesive products.


Among the adhesive resins Luresa produces are: Gum Rosins Esters, Modified Gum Rosin Esters, Food-Stuff Esters, Dibasic Acid-Modified Rosins, Tackifier Dispersions and more. To find out how Luresa’s products will benefit your business, De Monchy’s team of specialists is happy to answer all questions concerning Luresa’s adhesives.

Applications of Luresa’s adhesives

Luresa’s resins are applied in many different situations and environments. At De Monchy International, we are happy to inform you on how Luresa’s adhesives can benefit your business.

De Monchy International & Luresa

De Monchy International is proud to call Luresa their partner. We are well-informed on Luresa’s products, their associated properties and means of application. Find out which adhesive products by Luresa will benefit your business by asking our team of experts.

Find out which Luresa products suit your needs

At De Monchy International, we take pride in our team of specialists. They provide you with answers to all questions concerning coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, waxes and food ingredients. We make use of our excellent network, acting as the missing link between prominent manufacturers and the processing industry. What you and your company need is what motivates us to help you further.

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