About Domo

With its roots in the textile industry, Domo is a leading company in the development of sustainable polyamides. Founded in 1994 in Ghent, Belgium, Domo offers a wide array of solutions concerning polyamides. With their customer-centered attitude and focus on developing sustainable products, Domo is fit for the future. Curious how Domo’s products can benefit your business? De Monchy International is happy to help.

Domo’s products

Domo produces polyamides for every means possible. It is their goal to make tough, lightweight, durable and sustainable materials for any means possible. Domo serves several industries, such as packaging, automotive, electrical/electronic, industrial goods and consumer products.

Domo’s brands

Among Domo’s wide variety of brands are:

  • DOMAMID – a resin so strong it replaces metal parts in cars, which reduces the overall weight. Not only does this save energy (the car’s emission, for instance), it also simplifies the production process. Most importantly, DOMAMID has an excellent recyclability.
  • ECONAMID – These polyamides are sustainable, and support Domo’s early vision of producing eco-friendly materials. Widely used in many industries, ECONAMID is becoming increasingly popular since many businesses are following the trend of becoming ‘green’.
  • DOMOLEN – A product that targets the car industry, meant to give vehicles the finishing touch, using chemically-coupled glass filled and mineral-filled polypropylene compounds.
  • THERMEC – THERMEC polyamides are meant to withstand high temperatures. If your product features request the need to face temperatures up to 230 °C, have a lower moisture absorption, needs high chemical resistance

De Monchy International & Domo

De Monchy International is proud to have Domo as their partner. We are experts in Domo’s products, their associated properties and means of application. Find out which products benefit your business by asking our team of experts.

Find out which Domo products suit your needs

At De Monchy International, we take pride in our team of specialists. They provide you with answers to all questions concerning coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, waxes and food ingredients. We make use of our excellent network, acting as the missing link between prominent manufacturers and the processing industry. Our motivation is attending to what you and your company need.

Doing business with De Monchy International offers you:

  • A team of knowledgeable specialists
  • Expert advice
  • The best solution to your specific needs
  • Highest quality products
  • Highest quality service
  • An excellent supply chain
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