Adhesives and lubricants

Our Adhesives team has a thorough knowledge of adhesives, sealants and lubricants. For many years we have offered a wide range of raw materials and additives for adhesives and sealants, for applications in the packaging, furniture and construction industries, and ingredients for lubricants. We also supply special adhesives based on MMA and epoxy, ready for use.

Your partner for technical advice
Our technical background and experience enable us to advise customers about compounding issues. We also respond promptly to government regulations. You will not only receive advice about the choice of product, but also on processing it. This enables you to manufacture your products more sustainably and at a lower price, and deliver a better end product.

Market advice
We analyse the market, together with leading manufacturers such as BRASKEM and KOLON. This enables us to advise our customers about trends and developments on the market, such as biobased and renewable products. We also work with independent development laboratories and centres of expertise. 

Our adhesives
We have selected the best two-pack adhesives for you. These can be used for load-bearing bonds between metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, composites and porous materials such as foam and concrete.

The advantages of working with De Monchy

  • An experienced technical team specializing in Adhesives
  • Fully familiar with the market and products
  • High-quality technical products supplied by leading manufacturers
  • We primarily supply customers in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Scandinavia.
  • Delivery is generally within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Certifications: ISO NEN-EN 9001: 2008, HACCP, BIO and Responsible Care. All our products are REACH-compliant.


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