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Who is De Monchy International?

De Monchy International started 165 years ago, as a trading company focused on Rotterdam. Our company has now developed into an international distributor and market consultant. We are able to consult you about products, that can be used for the product manufacturers and industrial processors market. With suppliers established all over Europe, and offices in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, we are able to deliver the product from Lawter BVBA that you need to solve the problem you are facing within 24 to 48 hours.

Looking for specific products for the product manufacturers and industrial processors?

Have you been looking for a certain type of product for the product manufacturers and industrial processors market, but have you not been able to find it? Look no further than De Monchy International. Together with Lawter BVBA we would be happy to solve your problem. We deliver high quality products that fit your needs. Together with our partners we can provide a solution for your product or process needs.

More than just products

We offer a wide range of different products in coatings, adhesives and lubricants, thermoplastics and waxes. For all of our products, we have an experienced technical team specialized in all of the specific products we deliver. De Monchy International and Lawter BVBA would be happy to help fulfil your needs. Therefore, we are not only able to deliver the exact product you need to solve the problem you are facing, we are also able to advise you about trends and developments on the market.

About us

De Monchy International is your market consultant and distributor. We specialize in products for coatings, adhesives, thermoplastics, waxes and food ingredients. With our excellent network of suppliers, such as Lawter BVBA and our combined expertise we help our customers create their end products, providing innovative solutions to solve the problems our customers are facing. We make it happen, together with Lawter BVBA. Interested? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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