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Orka Synthetics: De Monchy International: Good products, good price, right support

Orka Synthetics has been a producer of coatings, self-levelling and trowel floors since 1972. In order to provide their customers with the best quality, they work with the best suppliers. De Monchy International supports them in the field of Epoxy products and additives. Yet, De Monchy International is not only called in to supply the right raw materials. Orka offers its customers custom-made products and technical issues sometimes arie...


"De Monchy International offers additional technical knowledge for our custom-made issues," Frank Dietzel, Technical Manager Orka Synthetics.


Frank Dietzel, Technical Manager at Orka Synthetics: "In order to guarantee optimal quality, we only work with the best suppliers. That is why we have been working with De Monchy International for many years for our Epoxy range. They offer raw materials for a good price with the right support. It is very pleasant to discuss with our De Monchy International contact person, Marc de Heer. These talks range from new regulations to new possibilities.”

Marc de Heer, Product Manager at De Monchy International: "My contact with Orca is very mutual. They call if they a question, I call when I see relevant trends regarding regulations and safety practices and up-to-date market information.”

Orka Synthetics

"It is wonderful that we can play our part in custom work to find the right solution," Marc de Heer, Product Manager De Monchy International

Frank: "In addition to the 'standard' process, we also regularly receive requests for custom work. We produce many specialty requests. A good example of this is floors for the industry. The requirements for these floors are completely different from those for private flooring. In addition, each customer has additional specific requirements. As a company, we produce the right formulas and De Monchy International is happy to supplement our technical knowledge in such projects.”

Marc: "It is always interesting to discuss with the customer how we can best use raw materials to serve the application as it stands. With Orka’s many years of experience, including the binders/semi-finished products we supply, Orka creates excellent products".

"De Monchy International delivers well, fast and on time," Frank Dietzel, Technical Manager Orka Synthetics.

Frank: "We are very much dependant on suppliers who keep their promises. At De Monchy International we don't have to worry about that. Contact person Marc is easy to reach and easy to approach. In addition, De Monchy International is our main supplier of a certain type of Epoxy resin. Those deliveries are always good, fast and on time. So, all in all, our cooperation is very pleasant".

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