Trustseal and De Monchy International: a cooperation of vital importance

Trustseal was formed in 1996 and is focusing on High Friction Surfacing and Road Marking Services. The British company is mainly active in The United Kingdom and Ireland. Trustseal’s customers are local authorities and councils. In order to convince these parties and to ‘win’ contracts, it is essential that Trustseal demonstrates that it delivers high quality products. In delivering high quality, reliable suppliers are priceless. Trustseal has found such a supplier in De Monchy International. The Epoxy products that De Monchy International supplies are specifically suitable for the industry in which Trustseal is active. Through their cooperation and relationship, Trustseal and De Monchy International together contribute to safer traffic in The United Kingdom. 

Together Trustseal and De Monchy International make traffic in The United Kingdom safer

Matt Booth, General Manager of Trustseal: “We have worked with De Monchy International for 10 years. The last 3 to 4 years we have intensified the cooperation. The main reason for this was our desire to work with one supplier and one contact. 
Our contact is David Ballantine. The cooperation with David and De Monchy International is perfect and very light touching. If we need anything, we can easily contact David. David never needs to ask us if we want to buy more. If we are busy, then David is busy.”

David Ballantine, Product Manager De Monchy International: “The relationship between Trustseal and De Monchy International has been good for years and is based on trust and service. Technical Manager Rob Horne is my main contact. I have known Rob for over 20 years. In general the senior people at Trustseal have been there for a long time. It is a consistent business which benefits the cooperation and relationship.”



“It is very much a matter of trust”, David Ballantine, Product Manager De Monchy International

Matt: “The cooperation with De Monchy International is of great value to us. The material that we make has very exact specifications. If Trustseal drifts slightly away from that, we lose our accreditation. The Epoxy that we buy from De Monchy International meets these specifications. It is unique because Trustseal specifically requires this product to maintain its accreditation. That is what makes the cooperation so valuable.”

David: “Trustseal and De Monchy International is a long standing relationship. Obviously, this requires effort, especially given the quite challenging supply chain. Despite the challenging circumstances, we are able to offer Trustseal a good service. We do this by prioritizing. We know that we are the main  supplier and we know that Trustseal heavily relies on us as a supplier. That is why we prioritize our service to them. It is very much a matter of trust between Trustseal and De Monchy International.”

“The Epoxy that De Monchy International supplies is essential to maintain our accreditation,”Matt Booth, General Manager Trustseal

Matt: “A good relationship with De Monchy International will remain of vital importance for Trustseal in both the short and long term. This has everything to do with maintaining our accreditation. It would take 5 years in case we have to get through the process of accreditation again. Of course this is an undesirable scenario which we want to avoid through our cooperation with De Monchy International. 

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