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The most favorable adhesive composites for packaging means in the food industry

EOC Belgium produces high quality, industry grade, hot-melt adhesives. These come in variants based on both synthetic and organic polymers and resins. They manufacture these according to client specification. One of their clients’ requests was to develop a special kind of adhesive that would seal plastic packages containing freshly baked cookies and sauces heated to 80°C. In response to this inquiry, De Monchy International was quickly called in to action.

Johan Goris, Researcher at EOC Belgium: “Hot-melt adhesives consist of multiple components. An important part is resin. In the case of the food industry, some resins are not the best option, since it will cease to adhere when conditions get too hot. Our client wanted to fill their packaging with products measuring temperatures between 70 and 80°C. Of course. The resin needs to be modified in order to function under those conditions. To realize this, I checked in with Jacques, my contact at De Monchy International.

“We were looking for a kind of resin that would be applicable in the food industry. De Monchy International gave us the solution.” Johan Goris, Researcher at EOC Belgium.

Jacques Everaert, Business Unit Manager Coatings Adhesives of De Monchy International: “We immediately thought of a hot-melt adhesive with a higher hot tack, which, in other words, means a glue that would adhere faster and would remain stable at higher temperatures. To find a resin that fits these requirements, I contacted all my suppliers. Who has the resin that meets my client’s specifications? The solution turned out to be a hydrogenated resin, which is transparent and odorless. Thermally stable and an excellent adherence, EOC took this resin to the test. In the meantime, we kept each other updated on further developments. Evidently, I wanted to make sure I provided my client with the correct solution.”

EOC Belgium

“Within the food industry, there are distinct rules and requirements that change regularly. De Monchy International’s products meet these all." Johan Goris, Researcher at EOC Belgium.

Johan: “We don’t want packaging melting away, especially if it concerns food. Besides this, the food industry deals with several strict rules and laws. These are often subject to change. De Monchy adjusts to these changes very well. Jacques: “All of our products are required to meet (new) acts and laws. This is an especially hot item within the food industry. It is paramount to ensure that the materials we offer our clients are ‘Food Proof’. There are many different standards you must meet, also in respect of European Law. So, I try to stay updated on all related developments. I see to it I get all the information and double-check my suppliers’ certifications. As a distributor, you want your products to be the best. Therefore, you need to know what you are talking about. I see it as my responsibility to stay informed and pass my knowledge on to my clients. You must know your stuff! We supply several raw materials for the manufacturing of adhesives. Because we sell waxes, polymers and organic resins, DeMonchy International offers EOC a one-stop-shopping experience.”

“I see De Monchy International as our business partner. Jacques and I always come to an agreement! His knowledge is extensive, which makes for an easy consult.” Johan Goris, Researcher EOC Belgium.

Johan: “The results are terrific. We can offer our client what was specifically requested. I sincerely see De Monchy International as our business partner. I can tell that the people at De Monchy International know their business. This really helps discussing everything. Yes, we get along very well.”

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