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Shaimaa El-Fayyoumy 4 December 2017Time to read: 1 minute

Epoxy paints and coatings provide exceptional chemical and water resistivity, are extremely durable, and provide superior adhesion.  However, the market faces certain drawbacks, such as stringent regulations from the governments for VOC emissions that lead to air pollution and volatility in the paints & coatings market.  These factors are the driver for a shift in the market towards waterborne systems which are eco-friendly and green systems.

De Monchy International works with its principals on following market trends and would like to highlight DDchem’s ACQUAMID and ACQUAPOX waterbased systems.

Water based epoxy is generally more complex to formulate with in comparison to traditional solvent based epoxy. With waterbased systems developed you are likely to be working with emulsions or dispersions instead of thermodynamically stable solutions, which is what causes problems formulating with different supplier resins and hardeners. ACQUAPOX and ACQUAMID have been developed to eliminate this without the extra trouble of unknown rheological behaviours and stability problems that an untested binder system can create.

Waterbased products developed by DDCHem are as below

  • ACQUAMID 511 and ACQUAMID 512 – Water soluble epoxy hardeners at, respectively, 50% and 70% solids in water
  • ACQUAPOX 100 – dispersion of solid epoxy resin in water – for anti-corrosive metal primers
  • ACQUAPOX 200 – emulsion of liquid epoxy resin in water – for flooring primers and self-levelling
  • ACQUAPOX 301 and ACQUAPOX 302 – water reducible liquid epoxy resins, 100% solids – versatile multi-purpose

With DDchem’s range the following properties can be achieved

  • Ease of application and dilution
  • Quick dry
  • Reduced shrinkage compared to most other waterbased epoxy products

Ideal solution for primers on metal and concrete.

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