Presafer expand product portfolio with soluble APP

13 juni 2017Time to read: 1 minute

Soluble APP is a water soluble halogen free flame retardant for the use in water based formulations and applications like fabrics and wood and intumescent coatings.

Well known and widely used in the market are the standard phase II grades, the uncoated EPFR APP 224 and the MF coated, nearly water insoluble EPFR APP 262. These and more types are marketed via De Monchy already over 5 years into the EU, used in intumescent coating applications.

Presafer now offers via De Monchy into the EU, an additional high quality products out of the APP series.  

maxresdefault      flame_test_2

Soluble APP

Up to 99,9 % water soluble APP ( Ammonium Poly Phosphate) with a chain length of about n = 10, whiteness higher then 85%, a P 2O 5 content higher then 45% and a PH value from 6,5 to 9.

The soluble APP offers our customers the chance to create halogen free, transparent, water based coatings or impregnations for fabrics.

Flame retardant textiles can be produced, limiting the risk of damage and the spread of flames in the case of fire.

If you have any questions please contact our De Monchy Team any time:

Thomas Menken
Product Manager
M:+49 170 305 37 56  

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