Powder Coatings: A Sustainable Solution

Written by David Ballantine on 5 September 2022Time to read: 2 minutes

Powder Coatings are used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. The process puts a coating on an item electrostatically, which is then cured by heat. Powder coatings are mainly used for coating of metals, such as: Balcony fences, steel furniture, radiators, white goods (refrigerators, washing machines etc), car parts, steel fences and profiles.

Powder coating offers some key differences and benefits to traditional liquid coatings:

  • No solvents are released during the painting process
  • Less waste, as excess powder can be reused
  • Powder paint offers excellent corrosion resistance and extreme weather durability

The rising government support for eco-friendly and fuel-efficient products will boost demand, as this technology is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The expansion of the industry will be driven by several factors. For instance, there is an increasing use of powder coatings for aluminum extrusion used in windows, door frames, facades, kitchen, bathroom and electrical. Furthermore, there is increasing construction spending in various countries such as China, the US, Mexico, Qatar, the UAE, India, Vietnam and Singapore. In addition, rising demand for tractors in the US, Brazil, Japan, India and China is expected to increase the use of powder coatings due to their corrosion protection, excellent exterior durability and high temperature performance. Finally, there is increasing use in agricultural equipment, fitness equipment, filing drawers, computer cases, laptop computers, cell phones and electronic components.

De Monchy International

De Monchy has many years of experience supplying within this industry. Because of a good relationship with our suppliers and the technical knowledge of the product itself, we can advise you in the best way possible. De Monchy has a strong and relevant product range and has a good sourcing capacity. Below you can find an overview of the current product range of De Monchy:


  • Epoxy Resins NPES-902, NPES-903, NPES-904 – Solid Epoxy Resins EEW 600-850
  • Epoxy Resin NPES-902P – Master batch 3 type incorporating flow agent
  • Epoxy Resin NPCN-704 - Cresol Novolac type offering enhanced chemical and heat resistance 

Curing Agent

Monchy HAA80 – suitable for curing with carboxyl-terminated polyesters to produce exterior durable powder coatings


  • Monchy 68 – matting agent
  • Monchy HM3329 – matting agent
  • Benzoin – degassing agent
  • PTFE – Fluon G163 – additive for texture finishes

Final consideration

To conclude, the advantages and benefits of Powder Coatings are, to name a few:                

  • More durable coatings.
  • Capabilities for thicker and specialty finishes.
  • Less environmental impact.
  • More efficient curing and drying processes.

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