De Monchy: Our responsibility in the Carnauba industry starts here!

Written by Timo Ouwendijk on 19 October 2020Time to read: 2 minutes

With more than 40 years De Monchy has a long history in the trade of Carnauba wax. A natural raw material that contributes to various applications. Food, pharmaceutical and industrial. We see that already existing applications within these industries have been making grateful use of this raw material for years and other industries/ applications are still discovering the benefits of Carnauba wax. 

That is why we feel more responsible than ever to maintain the flow of this product. We can only do this if everyone in the supply chain improves equally from the growth in interest. De Monchy is therefore honored to participate in the 'Initiative of responsible carnauba' together with a number of producers and other organizations. To support sustainable livelihoods, carnauba production and preservation of the Caatinga biome.

Involvement and commitment

Within the core values of our company, involvement and commitment is regarded key. Transparency throughout the supply chain is in line with these values and create co-responsibility which will ultimately work as a win-win situation for all parties.

As was read in the previous blogs 'challenges in the value chain of carnauba wax' and 'achieving transparency and traceability', the production of carnauba has environmental, economic and social challenges. Producers, distributors and customers must take responsibility for this. 

For that reason we and our stakeholders will only import from sources that are cooperating in full transparency in the supply chain and committed to improving conditions for both the land, the farmer and the employee. ‘The initiative for responsible Carnauba’  applies, monitors and supports the agreements made. 

Cooperation with inspected farms

We as De Monchy are committed to cooperate with those companies that use raw material coming from inspected farms and cooperation that:

  • Work safely using personal protection equipment.
  • Have registered the workers at the ministry of labour in Brasil.
  • Are supporting full transparency throughout the supply chain.

We at De Monchy are able to offer you the transparency you need to take responsibility here. Choosing for a change starts with transparency. We give you an opportunity to contribute to a responsible and consistent supply chain. Please contact Timo Ouwendijk for the possibilities with Carnauba wax and your share in the improvement process

Our clients
  • ASML
  • Aalterpaint
  • ABB
  • Armor Group
  • Bechem
  • Carlisle
  • Cloetta
  • Dubor
  • Future pipe industires
  • PLP
  • DCI
  • Diffutherm
  • Nelf
  • Rhenus
  • Rotec
  • Soudal
  • Tacx
  • Wicro
  • Xtenders
  • Spaas
  • Stearinerie
  • Brabantia
  • DAF
  • DB-international
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