BRASTER – POLYfill® PP TOUCH in handle for medical device for breast self-examination

Albert Jan Westerhof 3 January 2017Time to read: 2 minutes

When new innovations are introduced, many demands have to be fulfilled. The process from a product idea to launch is optimally done in cooperation with the manufacturer, materials supplier and the end customer. Being the materials supplier, we have been fortunate to actively participate with BRASTER S.A., the development partner PEZY GROUP in The Netherlands and the injection moulder Rosti Bianor in Poland leading to the material choice POLYfill® TOUCH.


POLYfill® PP TOUCH 25325R3 FA grey

The basic properties are - good scratch resistance, grip friendly (even when wet) with a soft touch feel and sound insulating. In addition, the material has low warpage, mat surface and is easily processed -even in thicker wall thicknesses. The materials are also available for food approved models.

End customer:

BRASTER S.A. was established in 2008 by a group of Polish scientists who had developed a breakthrough method of applying liquid crystals in breast cancer screening. This technology created BRASTER – a worldwide unique medical device for breast self-examination at home.

Development partner:

PEZY GROUP is a Dutch company with a group of passionate specialists accelerating your innovation by creating brands, products & equipment. In this case they brought this product from sketch to market within just 12 months.

Narvikweg 5-5
NL-9723 TV Groningen
Tel : +31 (0)50 318 96 00


Complex demands such as high mechanical properties as well as application specific properties – good grip ability, scratch resistance, colour accuracy and high aesthetics.

Manufacturing process:

Injection moulding

Reference contact:

Szeligi, Ul. Cichy Ogród 7
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel: +48 22 295 03 50

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