Achieving transparency & traceability

Written by Timo Ouwendijk on 18 October 2020Time to read: 2 minutes

In our previous blog we highlighted the importance of transparency in the supply chain. The production of carnauba has environmental, economic and social challenges. The question remains, how are we able to support the carnauba wax production in Brazil while facing these challenges and creating transparency & traceability throughout the complete supply chain?

The initiative for responsible carnauba

With the initiative for responsible carnauba, the various challenges are addressed and a step-by-step approach is taken to improve product and people. The companies participating in the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba are stimulating suppliers to improve the conditions in the Carnauba wax sourcing areas. They also focus on solutions that address the social and environmental challenges. The aim of the initiative is to stimulate a healthy process in which there is a strong improvement for both man and product. With this, the affiliated organizations hope to create transparency and traceability, so that the buying industry can make more targeted and conscious purchases.

Education within the supply chain

With the creation of transparency & traceability, responsibility does not lie only at the beginning of the supply chain. Distributor, customer and consumer awareness play at least as important a role in this respect. An understanding of everyone's role and influence creates responsibility. Both producer and distributor are responsible for informing customer on which changes in purchasing behavior will ensure a consistent contribution. The distributor translates the needs of the customer and producer into yet another opportunity.

Professionalisation of the industry

An earlier video by De Monchy shows that production in the Carnauba countries still uses old methods. Heavily outdated machetes, machines and transport contribute negatively to the workload of humans and animals. By giving farmers a higher price for their yields and bearing this responsibility with the entire chain, we not only achieve awareness, but above all a consistent quality product. It will provide a better protection and sustainable use of the carnauba palm while keeping the biodiversity and livelihoods of the people who are depending on this ecosystem intact.

We can imagine that you are committed and happy to take responsibility. Would you like to know how you can contribute to this process? Or do you have ideas to promote or accelerate the above processes? Contact Carnauba wax specialist Timo Ouwendijk for questions or De Monchy's part in this change process.

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