NIR-detectable, sortable and thermoplastic masterbatch colors

Paul Hendriks 20 November 2020Time to read: 1 minute
In our previous blog: "Challenges with recycling carbon black master batches", we briefly highlighted the importance of recycling and sorting plastics. The separation and collection of processes should to be improved to increase the amount of black and dark-colored plastics recycled.
Processors of plastic raw materials note that the demand for products based on NIR-black instead of carbon black is increasing. One of the options is the use of NIR (near-infrared)-detectable and sortable thermoplastic masterbatch technology.     

Added value to a sustainable future

With an NIR-detectable masterbatch, black and dark-coloured plastic articles can be sorted and recycled. NIR-sensor technology creates masterbatches that are 100% food approved, sortable and recyclable. 
Solutions created with NIR-masterbatch has the same mechanical properties as products made by carbon black-based products. With the NIR-detectable masterbatch, your company takes the next step towards a more sustainable future with this sortable and recyclable solution.

Main benefits

The NIR sensor technology has several benefits:
  • Masterbatch for carbon-free black and dark-colored plastic products that can be recycled and reused
  • It makes plastic articles detectable on NIR detectors
  • It is suitable for all processing methods (injection, blow molding, compression, extrusion)
  • There is no difference in technical properties
  • It enables laser markable final articles
  • It is suitable for food approved plastic products
  • Produced according to ISO 9001, 14000, 22000, 13485

Want to know more about this new NIR technology?

You may be wondering how you can apply this new NIR-detectable, sortable, and thermoplastic masterbatch technology to your recycling processes. Or perhaps how this will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business? We recommend you to contact our specialist Paul Hendriks for more information!
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