Robert Kraemers’ products based on gum-based rosin (rosin materials)

Written by Jacques Everaert on 30 September 2020Time to read: 2 minutes

In the previous blogs we explained that sustainable gum-based resin can replace the hazardous substance PAK in resins. Robert Kraemer has been a supplier of resins and binders for almost 100 years. Rosin has been a part of their portfolio for more than 90 years and now they are investing in resin research and development for more than 50 years.

Renewable raw materials

Many products of Robert Kraemer are made from renewable raw materials, based on gum-based resins, having a very wide range of softening points and functionalities. The products can be applied in different applications in solvent based as water-based system, flexo and packaging printing inks, alkyd lacquers, offset inks, adhesives, rubber, and pigment coating.

Next to that, Robert Kraemer is taking part in the renewable carbon initiative by decreasing hazardous raw materials, using safer chemicals and green energy by using the waste heat of their thermal after-burning system for heating the reactor.

The products portfolio consists on resins with good solubility in aromatic, aliphatic, esters alcohols vegetable oils. Due to the high polarity, the resin is soluble in water after neutralization.

“From the beginning we have used renewable raw materials and have extended our portfolio. Nowadays, we feel confirmed by our “green” image and efforts. The obvious global environmental and climate damages as well as innovative and environmentally friendly projects together with our customers motivate us every day to do it even better!” – CFO Robert Kraemer, Mr. Schäff

These products could benefit your company in becoming more sustainable!

Are you interested in applying this sustainable gum-based rosin to your products? De Monchy International B.V. is a proud partner of Robert Kraemer. With their know-how, the superb quality and high proportion of “green” products, De Monchy International B.V. and Robert Kramer can support your company and products. Together we create a sustainable and renewable future! Contact our specialist Jacques Everaert for more information.

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