Bio-Based: unsaturated polyester

Written by Shaimaa El-Fayyoumy on 23 July 2020Time to read: 2 minutes


Sustainability is becoming an important concept through the increased awareness of society about the global warmingThis is one of the causes in the movement towards green, sustainable, bio-based products. Our partner Struktol (Schill + Seilacher GmbH) noticed this as well and therefore introduced their first bio-based unsaturated polyester! 

Advantages of the sustainable alternative for commonly used UP resins 

The Struktol VP 3830 is an unsaturated polyester based on renewable raw materials. Its bio content is over 99,8 %, in which only stabilizers based on non-renewable resources are added. In addition, no limitations in the choice of radical cross-linking agents are given whereby desired processing windows can be regulated by the choice of cross-linking agents or catalyst concentrations respectively.  

Application of unsaturated polyester 

The main applications of unsaturated polyester are:

  • Composite materials
  • Wood paints
  • Gel coat for boats, automotive and bathroom fixtures
  • Colouring pastes, fillers, putties and chemical anchoring’s
  • Self-extinguishing composite materials

Struktol VP 3830 is suited for any commonly used UP resin processes like pultrusion, infusion or Sheet Moulding compound (SMC). If needed, thickening the material is possible with magnesium hydroxide. Additionally, desired processing viscosities can be achieved by adding styrene or other reactive diluents.   

De Monchy International BV and Struktol 

De Monchy is pleased to represent Struktol in the Benelux, United Kingdom, and Ireland.  Struktol has been a family owned business since 1877 and their focus on innovation in all areas of their product lines are the basis for their worldwide success. We are proud to see their new initiatives in the movement towards a sustainable future. 

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