The salicylic acid-free hardeners for epoxy systems: Webinar presented by Ddchem

Published on 6 April 2020Time to read: 1 minute

Ddchem is a leading Italian producer of epoxy curing agents, systems and hotmelt polyamides. Their philosophy is the pursual of extreme quality, transparency and efficiency, together with an impeccable customer service and a culture of environmental and human safety.

Ddchem’s laboratory technical specialist Niccolo Rivato has presented a webinar about salicylic acid-free hardeners for epoxy systems. The objective of this webinar is to show greener alternatives for the future which is also an important focus of De Monchy International BV in 2020. 

During the webinar, Niccolo will explain ddchem’s greener alternative for salicylic acid. He will go further in depth about the difference in the classification without salicylic acid and the difference between SA and SA-free whilst focussing on three different hardener categories: amine adducts, polyamide adducts, and Mannich bases.

Getting curious... take a look at the webinar and you will get more information and knowledge about this topic!


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