New: Bio-based resins!

Written by Shaimaa El-Fayyoumy on 3 March 2020Time to read: 1 minute

There is a huge need for bio-based raw materials. This need is initially driven by growing consumer demand. As a technical distributor, we see that more and more markets are responding to this.


The surfboard industry is the first industry in which bio-resins are applied. The Ecoboard project and certification was founded in response to increasing demand from this industry. The ECOBOARD project verifies the use of qualified materials in 'surfboards' based on a series of qualifying sustainability criteria. A 'board' can be labeled with a Gold or Level one label. This displays a measurably reduced CO2 footprint. The manufacturer and formulations use renewable, recycled and/or upcycled materials and processes.

USDA certified biobased

As a result, this industry is ahead of a few markets. We see that there are opportunities in several other markets to respond to this trend. These include the flooring industry, composites and the 'tabletop' market.

QR Polymers

De Monchy International BV cooperates and represents the company QR Polymers. QR Polymers produces and supplies epoxy resins and hardeners for epoxy systems. With its eye for innovation and research, QR Polymers is one of the certified suppliers of Ecoboard certified raw materials. BLUE FIN systems are specially developed to produce EPS core epoxy surfboards. They are fast curing, have a low viscosity, are water-white and wear-resistant when cured. Both the BLUE FIN 20 and the BLUE FIN 25 systems have an accredited minimum biocarbon content and meet the requirements of respectively the Sustainable Surf level one and the Gold Standard.

Contact Epoxy specialist and Product Manager Marc de Heer.

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