How to save money and time while improving productivity and quality

Tony van Bronckhorst 13 February 2020Time to read: 2 minutes

In today’s competitive global market, plastic production processors are constantly being challenged with just-in-time deliveries, sustainable improvements, and higher customer demands. This causes a need for tight planning for frequent material and color changes. To make this process easier, we want to give you two tips on how you can improve your productivity and quality, while saving money and time.

1. Making purging efficient 

Working efficiently will spare your company time, will create productive employees, and makes the organization less sensitive to quality issues. When an organization stays ahead of production problems, the organization will minimize downtime, rejected parts and accomplish the scheduled production run. Therefore, the right purging compound supports plastic processors to reduce scrap and energy waste in an efficient way.

2. Choose the right partner

A high-performance purging compound will aid in fast color and material changeovers, removal of carbon deposits, reduce scrap, and lower costs. Nevertheless, the results can only be maximized further if the operators have the right knowledge and experience. This can be accomplished when the right commercial purging compound partner is chosen. They will support the maximization of the benefits which includes on site operator support and training programs offering tailor-made cleaning procedures.

Product recommendation – Dyna-Purge

Our team of experts and specialists from the thermoplastic department recommend Dyna-Purge as a solution to overcome challenges like waste reduction, just-in-time deliveries, and sustainable improvements.

Dyna Purge has a wide range of non-chemical and non-abrasive purging compounds which works in a very safe and effective way. Designed to clean on the first pass with no soaking or mixing needed, avoiding any hidden costs. Dyna Purge complies with FDA, REACH, and RoHS regulations.

De Monchy International BV has an experienced and committed technical team who can give you on site support, training, and tailor-made procedures to achieve the best possible results for your company.

So stop waiting, and start producing because your productivity begins with Dyna Purge. Request your free sample today!

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