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Beth van der Togt 12 Juni 2019Lesezeit: 2 minuten

Transparency is essential. Every company wants to do business with suppliers that not only make the difference, but can also explain – in detail – why they make that difference.

As international distributor, De Monchy International represents many producers of technical raw materials in North West Europe. As trading partner we advise our customers on selecting and processing the raw materials as well as working with them on the design of innovative and improved formulas and products. Transport is one of the many key elements in our service. Without raw materials, our customers would be unable to continue their production.

Most of our raw materials come from the Far East where we have become accustomed, and were stimulated to, buy in CIF (Cost Insurance Freight). However, this often meant unnecessary and unclear costs. Beth, Business Unit Manager Customer Care at De Monchy asked one our transporters, Embassy Freight Rotterdam, to take a look into this. Embassy Freight Services takes complete care of the transport. With their extensive experience in expedition and a network of 50 offices worldwide, they take care of many logistical solutions. Aside from their expertise in dealing with difficult logistical queries they make sure their customers are completely taken care of. This is something valuable, not only for De Monchy, but also for our customers.


“Consulting is in our blood and part of our service. We actively propose solutions so our clients can achieve their business goals. Trust and transparency herein are key”

Mark Jansen

Mark Jansen, Import Manager Embassy Freight Rotterdam

 Mark explained in detail to Beth where certain costs were coming from, how they could be avoided and how this could improve the end result. The advice Beth received from Mark was to change the CIF delivery to FOB (free on board). The transparency during the conversations and the fact that Embassy Freight Services did not limit itself to simply answering the question, really struck a chord with De Monchy.


“Embassy really takes their customers best interest into account and regardless of price are always looking for the best solution for their customer and their success. Complete service and communication are leading in this.” 

Beth van der Togt

Beth van der Togt, Business Unit Manager Customer Care

New insights and transparency have been major outcomes since De Monchy and Embassy Freight in Rotterdam have started working together. As trading partner De Monchy is now better able to offer our customers the required success.

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