“Dream big and reach your goals”

Dominique van den Berge 14 November 2018Lesezeit: 1 minute

11 October 2018 was the day, De Monchy proudly organized her annual charity day. 1 amazing location, 2 inspiring Rotterdam Cares employees, 4 energetic Science Center guides, 14 enthusiastic De Monchy volunteers and 50 promising children with countless impressions. It has become a lasting memory for all involved. The goal was simple, to give something back to society. Why to whom and why? Last year we took 15 elderly inhabitants of a care center for a day out at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. Based on this we decided to take things back to the start this year. Where the future begins, which starts with our youth.

De Monchy invited 50 children from the Nicolaasschool for a visit to the Science Centre in Delft. The Science Centre Delft is a technical and scientific research center and is part of the Delft Technical University. The kids, from primary school groups 7 and 8 were divided into teams of 5-6. Each team was guided by 1 or 2 De Monchy volunteers and were assigned a task. The task for group 7 was how to create a sturdy and vast construction out of bamboo. Group 8 were tasked with answering questions ondurable energy and were challenged to develop a wind driven and efficient car. A genuine and amazing magic occurred during the day where the teams, regardless of background and age all tried to reach the same goal. Each worked according to their own strengths and no team-member or team was more important than the other.

Customer Care Professional Bionda Blok: “The whole experience was amazing. I was able to tell the kids that no matter which culture you grow up in, it does not define your future. What did I advise them? I told them: "Dream big and reach your goals.”

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