De Monchy UK becomes a member of the Chemical Business Association

Geschreven door Tom Piket op 3 November 2021Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

De Monchy UK (DMUK) have just been confirmed as members of the Chemical Business Association.
The Chemical Business Association (CBA) is the voice of the chemical supply chain in the UK. It represents a wide range of businesses - from distributors and traders to manufacturers and blenders, as well as logistics and service providers. Becoming a member of the CBA will be very beneficial for DMUK, especially during these times. 

What they do

The chemical industry as a whole must do its work within an increasingly strict regulatory framework. Recognizing the importance of ensuring safe working practices and preserving our environment, the CBA works with member companies, governments and organizations to provide realistic guidance and oversight of the UK's vital chemical supply industry.

Member companies employ more than 8,700 people and distributed, packaged and blended more than 4 million tons of chemicals annually in 2019 with a market value of almost three billion pounds.

Why de Monchy UK joined

Becoming a member of CBA creates a lot of benefits for DMUK. Earlier we wrote an article with regards to the consequences of the Brexit for DMUK. In that article it can be read that because the REACH legislation for the EU is no longer valid for the UK, DMUK had to build its own database. The full article can be read here.

Joining the CBA will help DMUK with guidance on UK Reach and compliance in times of strict regulations as a result of the Brexit. Furthermore, the CBA will help with:
  • Technical and legislative support 
  • Up to date information on relevant changes in and application of legislation.
  • Access to a 24hr off-site emergency response scheme.
  • Practical compliance training for industry.

A complete overview of all affiliated members can be found here. DMUK is delighted to finally be joining the CBA. 

Find Out More?

If you have any questions, our quality professionals Tom Piket and Roxane Dekker are happy to help. If you want to find out more about the CBA, you can also take a look at their website.

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