Sustainability in your products with De Monchy International BV and Lawter!

Thomas Menken 28 April 2020Lesezeit: 2 minuten

In November 2019, De Monchy International BV introduced a new partnership with Lawter. Lawter is one of the few companies in the world offering nearly 75 years of green/bio/sustainable solutions concentrating on many markets. This partnership gives us, De Monchy, the opportunity to deliver innovative sustainable raw materials to our valued customers. But what is the natural source of these materials, in what products could it be applied, and what are future possibilities?

Natural source & application

The pine chemicals from Lawter come from a sustainable source called pine trees. These trees can grow up to thirty meters high and grow namely in America, Japan, Brazil and Northern Europe. The rosin tapped from these pine trees or obtained through the pulp manufacturing process for paper are used in Lawter’s additives for Adhesive and Ink production.

"Environmental sustainability is a key benefit of Lawter's products - but it's
just the beginning" - Lawter, 2020

The rosin-based resins produced, are applicable in the Ink, coating and adhesives industry. Looking at the production of various inks, vital components are rosin-based varnishes and additives of Lawter. Besides that, it's also possible to use the natural resins as adhesives to be used for hot melt adhesives and road markings to improve the adhesion. In addition, the water-based pressure sensitive adhesive, can provide excellent stability and strength which shows a variety of these adhesives.

Future possibilities

De Monchy International BV is noticing an overall need of brand owners to improve their biological footprint. In addition to that, it's interesting to know that in the next 10 years packaging will require bioplastics and recycled paper/board, meaning that there will be a strong need for high renewable content ink, adhesives and barrier coatings.

Learn what this means for your products?

If you are interested in these sustainable solutions and want to know more about the possible application in your products or future products? Do not hesitate to contact our specialist James Meacock!

“Lawter has an excellent quality price position compared to the
non-sustainable solutions!” - James Meacock, 2020

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