Presafer & De Monchy – continuation cooperation

Thomas Menken 17 April 2020Lesezeit: 1 minute

Presafer extends contract De Monchy as its exclusive distributor in Europe

Capelle aan den IJssel Presafer (Qingyuan) Phosphor Chemical Co. Ltd is a professional in R&D and manufacturing of halogen free flame retardants. In recent years, De Monchy has developed its partnership with Presafer in the field of coatings and thermoplastics and proved to have the desired effect. For this reason, Presafer has appointed De Monchy as its exclusive representative / distributor in North West Europe. With the continued cooperation De Monchy expands its expertise with flame retardants for the thermoplastic industry.

“De Monchy has a well-trained sales force that is familiar with the Presafer’s HFFR products and is skilled in demonstrating the advantages of our products to the customer. De Monchy also has prompt communication with us regarding changes and developments in the local markets. This encourages us to build up long-term trust and cooperation with De Monchy on both plastic and coating market.” - Roma Chan, Sales Manager Presafer

“I am pleased to continue our partnership with Presafer and to fulfil their future expectations” – Thomas Menken, Product Manager in Flame Retardants

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