De Monchy International’s partnership with Braskem

De Monchy International BV has been partnering with Braskem for nearly 2 years as their official distributor for North West Europe for their PIB as produced in Brazil. PIB’s find their way in Lubricants (two stroke oil & greases), Adhesives and Sealants, LDPE wrapping Films,  Corrosion Protection, Cosmetics, Rubber, Asphalt Applications, Plastic Compounds, Electrical insulation in Wires & Cables and Food Additives (Gum base).

In 2016 De Monchy reached a substantial turnover with the sales of Braskem PIB. This year this will be more than double. The mutual success is directly linked to the open and transparent cooperation. Any issue from a prospect or customer being raised, is addressed pro actively and taken care of in a professional and pleasant way by both Braskem as well as De Monchy. Our technical sales team has been trained thoroughly into the products which means that we act as a full service partner on behalf of Braskem. This way, we can really contribute with our knowledge and experience to advise our customers how to create tomorrow’s products and how Braskem PIBs could fit customers specific applications.

The price / quality of the products is outstanding, confirming also our image as a top class distribution company ! Braskem has a growth strategy in Europe and wants to be more known as a supplier of PIB.

This is why we strongly promote our good cooperation and are feeling confident introducing Braskem to the market.